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Welcome at Rita's
- Classic Danish open sandwiches

Well, 'open sandwiches' is really not an accurate description of what you get when you buy Danish 'smørrebrød'. Especially not if you choose the deluxe version!

It's true that 'smørrebrød' is a slice of bread with some kind of spread or cold cuts like boiled, fried, cured or smoked meat or fish, or perhaps cheese, egg, tomato or different kinds of salad - but here the resemblance to sandwiches stops: There really isn't anywhere to put a second slice of bread

The bread is usually Danish rye bread in thinnish slices, buttered, with the filling on top and elaborately ornamented with different kinds of greens, pickles etc.
Most of the compositions are classic - and you can choose from almost 50 varieties, but of course you can also have your 'sandwich' custom made

You can choose to have your 'sandwich' made with white bread. But if you want to follow local custom you'll want everything on rye bread except shrimps, salmon and perhaps cheese


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