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Mon-Fri: 7am - 2pm

Weekends closed
except by prior

Se siden på dansk


Come into the shop - at 11 Fælledvej

Ritas opens at 7 am - if you’re an early bird you might want to go there for a cup of coffee and a cheese’sandwich’ and perhaps buy your lunch to bring along

Rita’s is a small and cosy shop. We do have room for a few people to sit down and eat - but if you’re a whole group we suggest you make a picnic in one of Copenhagens many beautiful parks - there are several in the vicinity. We pack everything in protective boxes and even supply disposable knives, forks and plates to bring along

Rita’s offers you two options as to size:

The normal everyday ’smørrebrød’, which you can choose from the cooler

open list
pdf for printing

or the deluxe version which is even more like very filling works of art.
These must be pre-ordered by phone or email - or just tell us when you visit us to try out our delicious products

open deluxe list
pdf for printing

You can also buy sandwich flûtes or warm meats with or without bread

Ritas Smørrebrød, Fælledvej 11, 2200 København N, CVR-nr.: 19056635 Tel: 35 37 01 70, mobile: 60 47 80 90, e-mail: ritas@ritas.dk